Thursday, October 9, 2008

This is not a political debate!

Okay so this is just a story of events that wayne and i did, not an invitation to talk about politics. Tuesday nite wayne and i went to greenville to ecu where sarah palin was speaking in the basketball arena. he got tickets from a friend and the tickets instructed us to be in our seats by 6. so of course we get there at like 10 till and have to find a place to park which was crazy!! and had to walk so we were a couple of minutes late, but a lot of others were still heading in too so we thought it would be okay, she wasn't really speaking until 7 anyways so we thought we were good. so we get there and there is a huge line!! and people all around us selling buttons and tshirts, which of course wayne tried to bargain with them with no success, and then we were being taunted by obama fans (who were dressed like gothic hippies! seriously scary!) but then there was some preacher guy yelling at them and condemning them and so he was even more scary!!! i really don't like contention it makes me nervous, but the line was moving pretty fast so i was like okay we will be out of here soon. so we get up close to the building and everyone is walking into the football stadium, and we are like what is going on? apparently the basketball stadium was full and they were putting us in the overflow to watch it on tv. Wayne was really mad!! he thought that because we had tickets that we were garaunteed a seat. so i started talking to one of the secret service guys, not one of the ones on the roof, and he said that they pass out like 10,000 tickets but there are only 6000 seats, so that way they can be sure that all the seats are full, just looks better i guess. i was really disappointed but at least i was willing to go and watch it on the tv, wayne was so mad he refused to. so i stood outside by the entrance with him for just a little while, and there were some scary women who were really mad!!!! they were telling off the SS and talking about how they were going to go vote for obama now. the SS was pretty rude and told them they didn't care, all they knew was they were not stepping inside the building. while i was asking what time people started lining up (which was at 11am!! so we never stood a chance at getting in) the ladies started yelling around me, and i was like ahh i don't want to be a part of this and the SS guy i was talking to was like no you don't, it was creepy!! so anyways i watched her speech and i liked it, and then wayne and i left. on our way back to the car we stole some mccain-palin posters, that now decorate our yard, and then got stuck in serious traffic, they had blocked off like half the town so she could be escorted out.

so wayne and i went to olive garden to wait out the mess, and i ordered the chicken marsala, which by the way is wonderful!!! and wayne ordered the endless pasta. well he starts off with the alfredo and then asks if he can try the five cheese marianara. a guy, not our waiter, but a waiter, brings wayne his refill and sets four huge bowls of different kinds of pasta in front of wayne, and i started busting up laughing, because i was like, he didn't order that. and wayne just looks up at the waiter all puzzled while the waiter looks back at him like he is a pig, which makes me laugh even harder, then finally wayne is like i didn't order all of this! and the guy is like, well all i know is that is what your waitress asked me to bring you. so i am just cracking up because wayne looks like a whale with tons of food sitting in front of him, and it turns out three of the bowls were for the table next to us and the waiter just got confused. so good news was that we got to take all the food home, it made a great lunch and dinner!!! Wayne and i had a great time, even though we didn't get to go in to see palin, we turned out to be a really fun date!!


MEGAN said...

You guys are never short on adventures! You're such a fun couple. AND I LOVE YOUR NEW BLOG DESIGN! I am SO impressed!!! You are so smart, Rachel. Holy fast learner!

mommyof5 said...

That was such a funny story good job on capturing it on camera! Thanks again for remembering my niece in your prayers.

Mike and Dejah Morris said...

Ha, that's a great picture! Had me laughing too. Isn't it amazing how crazy people get about religion and politics. I don't know why you would switch to the side that is screaming at you. Weird. And yes, I did cut my hair. About 4 times actually, I can't get it right.

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