Thursday, October 23, 2008


Okay so i am super sleepy so this is going to be a quick story, but earlier this week i went down to visit my aunt down in Supply NC, which is right in between wilmington, and myrtle beach. She has lived down there for a while and has been asking us to come and see her new home so i invited my friend sofia to come with me. She has a beautiful new home worthy of being shown in a southern living magazine (and she is trying to do so!!) So sunday nite we arrived a little earlier than we thought we would so we drove around wilmington and carolina beach, and walked out on the pier. it was a nice cool nite, and then we ate dinner with my aunt and uncle and got into some serious political discussion. Then we slept down stairs where we stayed up almost all nite (a serious girl thing) giggling and talking about just about everything. The next morning we got up and i went running and about froze. Then we got ready and went to Myrtle beach. We went to broadway on the beach, Barefoot Landing, and Ocean Blvd. We of course hit all of the shops, ate lots of great food, and laughed the whole time too!! some quick highlights were going to the speedway and sofia kicked my butt in both go cart races, at first i thought my cart was slow so i picked another one and was still slow and i crashed a lot so it must be my driving!! we also played air hockey (sofia cheated!!) and basketball (i finally won!!). Then we went to a haunted house, which was so cool!!!! i totally screamed the whole time, i get seriously freaked out!! Then we ate at Dick's resort where our waitress was rude to us (they are suppose to be). It was really funny!!! Then we went back to my aunt's and watched a movie, the next morning we got up and photographed the sunrise, and spent some more time with my fam. then we headed home totally wiped out!!! It was a ton of fun!! and since a picture is worth a thousand words i am going to let my pictures fill in the rest!!


Anonymous said...

what cracks me up the most, is that you used paint to white out the bad word on your hat.haha

Sofia Lung said...

did you really use paint to white out the bad word? I thought it just didn't show up in the pick, hahaha.

MEGAN said...

Hey Rachel! (I need to get your email address.) I just saw your comment and I would LOVE to get together!!! I have to go to Maddie's school again today, but this should be the last time I go in on a Wed. so can we pick it up again next week? I would love that! Things have been so crazy lately, but everything should be back to normal by then... if my life is ever normal. :)

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