Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Lucky by association

So you have all heard about being guilty by association, but i am lucky by association, because on my own i have never really won anything, not that i play the lottery or anything, but still i don't really get a whole lot of lucky brakes. But then i married Wayne Holloman who by definition is a four leaf clover!! And now i get to have all sorts of cool opportunities like going to see willie nelson in concert for free, eating places for free, getting into various events for free, and the latest event getting into the carolina hurricanes. which sounds like no big deal because we go all the time, but this time we had $150 tickets and we got to sit with all of the big wheels!! We sat in leather seats along a countertop that had televisions built into it's surface so we could see close ups of certain plays. We also had a waitress who brought us sprite to drink, and got to eat from the sandwich bar for free. Wayne got a BBQ sandwich and i ordered a roast beef and even landen got his own plate, technically, wayne really ate it though. And seriously, it tasted a lot better then it looks in the picture, the pic looks like we slapped some road kill on there:{ It was a lot of fun, even though the hurricanes didn't win you can't argue with free entertainment. Wayne even ended up with an extra ticket which he sold to cover some of our gas!! So I am living the sports high life!! Now if i could only get wayne to find someone to clean my house for free then i would know i was doing good!!!!


Cindy said...

you look so pretty, and you totally made me more excited about the twilight movie!

Dan and Amanda said...

AHHH! You look fantastic in the pictures from the game!!

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