Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Shout out!!

So this is a shout out to all of my peeps!!! So i know i am a serious dork and am always talking about how i don't have any friends, but i have come to realize that the truth is that what i mean by this is that i don't have all my lifelong friends living here in rocky mount with me. because i really do have a lot of friends, and the best part is that they really are friends that i have had for a long time. pretty much anyone reading this is probably one of those people: you know the kind of people that you can not see or talk to in a long time and then when you do see or talk to them again it is as if you had been been away from each other. They can be across the entire United States or in the same could have not really lived near them since the 7th grade but every time you hang out you end up acting like you did in the 7th grade!! it is so great!! i really have been blessed to have friends that just seem to never change, no matter where they go...of course i say where they go because i never seem to go anywhere!! but i just wanted to let everyone know that i am glad that you are all my friends!! cheesy i know, but i don't want people to be offended when i say silly things like i don't have any friends, cause really i say it just because i think that i am funny!!

Speaking of great friends...i spent last weekend with two wonderful friends amanda and sofia, and of course all of our spouses were there too. but it is funny to me how when girls hang out they are slightly pushed to the side, just slightly, they are still loved, but girls like to talk!! or at least i do, poor wayne!! we went comedy works where they put on an improv show. it was really funny!! amanda use to work there which i could totally see because she is so funny! sofia raised her hand for something and then they asked her name and she yelled out "Rachel!" i was like what, no it isn't! it was pretty funny though because later they asked rachel to come up and i just sat there like a bump on a log and then turned to sofia and was like aren't you going up there? i thought they were talking to her because she had said that rachel was her was for birthdays and i was not even thinking about the fact that mine was just a couple of weeks away. okay well enough jabbering here are the pictures for comedy works, and don't worry we do not promote underage's just black cherry soda!! and i don't drink either i don't know what is up with my eyes in that one picture! also a huge shout out for armadillo grill for some great steak tacos and queso!!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

I'd like to use a lifeline

I want to poll the audience!! I am trying to find a template that is more befitting for me and my family, and probably a new title because i am just rach and fam and that is lame when everyone else has some really cool cliches!! seriously i love everyones' titles. so seeing as how i am not inventive only really great and copying others i am asking for suggestions, none of which i am obligated to use, also after looking through 100 pages on pyzam, which took forever because my computer is seriously slow...these are the ones that i kind of liked the best. i want something that is not too girly because i will be posting a lot of things about my boys and i just don't know how much they would appreciate that seeing as how everyone always thinks that they are girls anyways, well at least when they were babies.
But seriously back to the naming my blog i seriously need help the only things i can come up with are holding down the fort, or in the mount...forever!! both are seriously true about my life, so sad. also you can vote for the one that i have now if that is the one you like, remember we are voting on likability and which one fits me the
most. well let me know, sorry i rambled for so long, adios!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

This is my son Landen, for anyone that knows him they know this is not his normal face. You see there is a pink eye epidemic going around in my house at this time. Landen is the culprit that has brought it into our home!! Although I completely blame the gene on my brother Ben who had pink eye what seemed like all the time as a kid. The good news is that times have changed and pink eye is no longer treated by rubbing a cream on your eye (like i remember my dad doing for ben all the time!) but is quickly cleared up with a few drops for a few days. So it seems harmless except for the fact that it has been passed on to Carson! Who not only has pink eye but has an accompanying ear infection, oh my! This is fun! So we have been quarantined to our home to keep it from causing an outbreak. Well onto more exciting news, after growing my hair out for what i think has been years at this point, i have finally decided to get it cut, and to be completely honest it was probably so that i could try to be a little more competitive with Wayne's ex girlfriend who has decided to move back to the mount for the summer. This should be fun! So I hope that everyone will tell me what they think!

Okay so that is obviously not me, i would never wear a shirt like that! Of course it could also be because i am not victoria beckham. But i did get this haircut and i figure if i get highlights then it will look closer to the way hers is. I think my hair is fuller and a little longer than this picture though. I will have to take a real picture of my hair cut after i get the highlights put in, i am pretty excited!
Well Wayne, Landen, Carson, and I are going to stay in the hampton inn tonight and go swimming, sounds exciting except for the fact that we are staying in the one in Rocky Mount!! Don't ask me why, one of wayne's weird, we can do it for free ideas! Holloman...out!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Getting Started!

So everyone else in the world has a blog by now, so being the conformist that I am, I am going to have one too, not that I have any friends that would want to read any of this but all the least it will give me something to do!! So now time for stories, the most exciting thing that has happened lately is Wayne locking himself in the pro shop to stay away from some crazy lady! Last Sunday was just a weird day in general! I was sick so Marsha came to take the kids to church and then she locked my keys in the car, so we called Wayne (who had to go open the golf course that morning) to see if he could come back home before he went to church so he could unlock my car. Apparently he was unable to come because he was locked in the pro shop with some crazy woman trying to beat down the door and screaming at Wayne that her boyfriend was in there cheating on her and the Wayne had let me in to do so. During all of her ranting one of the outside workers saw her and thought that the whole thing was hilarious. So he decided to play along and was telling the woman that he had seen the whole thing and that Wayne was definitely her boyfriend's accomplice in all of this!! Which of course made the woman even more mad, so Wayne ended up having to call the police. The woman decided to stick around until they got there and then tried to argue with them!! But finally she left (but only to walk across the street, just enough to be off the property!) and apparently stood there so long that someone else called the cops on her, so they came back and arrested her! wow! Well this is only one of the exciting adventures that we have...stay tuned for more craziness in Rocky Mount, North Carolina!!

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