Monday, September 29, 2008

We went to wayne's ten year reunion this weekend and it was a lot of fun, friday nite we went to part of the homecoming football game and then met up with everyone at ruby tuesdays, where we stayed until they literally kicked us out. i met a lot of wayne's friends but we mostly hung out with the boys from his tennis team. of course i already knew a few people there, but i met alot of really nice people too. and some seriously funny peeps!!! the class president bruce was hilarious! and then there was some guy named larry that just about had me rolling on the floor! so we got home some time after midnight and then i probably fell asleep something after 1! then i had to get up at 5:30 for a yard sale that i had planned with a friend! it was crazy i was so tired!! but at least i got rid of a bunch of junk!! Then i went to the golf course where they were having lunch and some games and the kids got to bounce in the big jumpy thing, so that was fun. i met a few more people but wayne went to the duke football game with his friend kyle (who i played a prank on to try to get him to come to the reunion, but it didn't work. but at least i laughed really hard, i text him and pretended to be a girl from high school that had been waiting ten years to see him again. At first he didn't know it was me, but it didn't take him long to figure it out! dang it!) So it was kind of weird going with out wayne to meet his old friends, so i pretty much hung out for the food and then left, i had to go put the kids down for a nap anyways. So i went home and got ready for the actual reunion and then marsha calls and said that everyone was really dressed up, i was like crap!! so i had to change and just wore a black dress that i had and took a gold sash and wrapped it around me. however the pictures that were taken just didn't turn out good so i deleted them. anyways we had a good time and i made some new friends, i really enjoyed talking to the wives of wayne's friends, emily and randi, they were sweet. too bad they don't still live in the mount!! oh well, all in all we had a great time!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Elder Howard II

So last friday my little brother Abe came home from serving a mission in Vancouver Canada. I am so excited and so proud of him for this accomplishment. It was so fun to see him and see how grown up he is, both in years and wisdom!! He is such a great guy and served an honorable mission, who could ask for anything more, so ladies, read 'em and weap...introducing my little RM!!! Elder Howard the second!!

Okay so i am sure that you all expected to see him still dressed in his suit, but the sad news is that i am notorious for having my batteries die in my camera at crucial times and this one was no exception. So i have no pics of when he first got home, actually this one was taken right before i was about to head out!!! how sad!

So here are a few more pics from the time that i spent in Va, mostly i just hung out with family and played games and ate good food! It is always nice to go on a vacation and visit family!

Carson and Landen playing on the neighbors toy tractor

Beth, Ben, and Abe

Carson and Kailyn (I am not sure if that is how she spells it, so sorry Vanessa if that is wrong). These two were so cute, everytime they hung out they would hug and hold hands!!

Carson and Grandma, Carson is always bringing somebody a book to read to him, or your shoes, it is really cute!!

Ben, Landen, Abe, and Carson getting snacks before we hit the road back to the mount

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Back in Business

okay so it turns out that it was not my battery that was messed up, just that the entire computer was gone, the starter burned out or somthing. so wayne bought me a new computer!!!! i am so excited!! so this is kind of what it tooks like, i couldn't find the actual make a model. i really like having a new computer, my last one was so old that it seriously didn't have all the perks like cd burner, and playing dvds and being able to stick in my sd card from my camera, so i am sure that these are all things that all computers do now so i am just glad to be caught up with the times!! well other than that i don't have anything too exciting to write about, so i will have to up date again later, but i am excited to be back in the blogging community!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008


so i think the battery in my laptop has died so i will have to update later, i have not forgotten everyone! catch ya later!!!

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