Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Comments about invites

okay so the thing above is to just look at, here is where you can post about which of the invites you like that best, or tell me that you don't like them at all and they are dumb, whatever you want to say. here you go...

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Good Times Blog!!

First things first, Happy Birthday Sofia Lung!! May we have the best quarter-life crisis ever, just to have a great story to tell of course!!

Do you remember the time....
I saw this on a blog that I stumbled across and thought it looked fun.
1. As a comment on my blog, leave one memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember!
2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. I think it will be pretty fun to see the responses.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Found My Place!!

Okay so i took a quiz on http://www.findyourspot.com/ and it was fun if nothing else. You take a quiz and then it picks out the best places for you to live, it goes into quite a bit of detail though, i am sure that my places would have been different 5 years ago. I was a little disappointed in some of the places that it picked for me but for the most part i was kind of excited. I did however hope that my number one place would be san antonio, tx, but is wasn't, it was norfolk, va!! I almost died! As fast as i hurried to get out of VA the stupid test put me right back in there, so Andrea come on because looks like i'll be there too!! well norfolk is a different place from anywhere i was in VA so i guess i could give it a try (as if i am going anywhere, i guess it is just fun to dream). I think one of the reasons that this is my top appointed place is because of the school system, and that is important to me. so here are the pics of my new pretend home and then the list of all the rest of the places given.

Norfolk VA
Nashville, TN (I am just not that country!)
Oklahoma city, OK (no plans of becoming a cowgirl. but i love the musical)
Knoxville, TN ? not sure
Little Rock AR ? not sure
Indianapolis, IN (I think i would like this one)
Baltimore, MD (Nice place, but maybe to cozy)
Providence, RI ? not sure
Carlisle, PA ? not sure
Cincinnati, OH maybe
Portland, OR Andrea, i am going to follow you around apparently
Charlotte, NC Amanda wait for me!!!
St. Louis, MO could be fun
Cleveland, OH ? not sure
Seattle, WA (I would love this if i weren't afraid of having poofy hair all year long due to rain)
Toledo, OH ? not sure
Albuquerque, NM ? not sure
Philadelphia, PA probably not
Long Island, NY maybe
Hartford, CT ? not sure
Chesapeake-VA Beach, VA maybe
Washington DC I have always love washington
Lexington, KY ? not sure

So the truth is that i don't know a lot about most of these places, hence the ?not sures. and the other fact of the matter is that i am not really willing to be far away from family not matter how much smack i talk, so if i had to pick my top five they would probably be, and these are not in order, washington dc, norfolk, charlotte, va beach, and seattle (just had to throw that in there). These may not be my dream places, but if it were even a possiblity, they would just be the most probable. Go and take the quiz i would love to see where everyone else would end up, of course then i will only cry because we won't be in the same place and then i will probably also be jealous that you have a cooler place than me, but i am just like that!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Clueless in Rocky Mount, NC

na·ive or na·ïve
(nī-ēv', nä-) adj.

1. having or showing a lack of experience, judgment, or information

2. Showing or characterized by a lack of sophistication and critical judgment


1. green

2. gullible

3. innocent

4. simple

5. unschooled

okay so i don't have any pictures of me by myself so i am not saying that sofia is any of these things, but i have decided to send this off to webster and have him insert me into the dictionary beside the word naive!!
I am seriously clueless!!! so i had a friend that has an account on tagged, a single friend just to note. and so i thought i would just go ahead and make an account so that i could keep up with her. well then i started getting a whole bunch of emails, and at first it was no big deal because all they said were someone said yes to being your friend, or someone has added you as a friend. and so i was like okay, and then i deleted them because i was only trying to have an easier way of communicating with the friend on there that i knew, not making any new ones. well then i started to get emails from people here in rocky mount, and this time they came with pictures and messages, oh my. well they were from guys and i started to get creeped out. they had messages containing things such as sexy pic, and beautiful. oh my but my absolute favorite was the one that said hy princess. no that is not a typo. really it said hy, H-Y!!!!! wow that is crazy, maybe that is just the new cool way of spelling hi! and so i would think that it was a typo on his end except for the fact that he was foreign, so i just don't know. but i was like oh crap only something like this would happen to me, and the worst part was that i even had a big girl with small clothes email me, and that was gross and scary!!!!! so i don't know how i keep getting myself into predictiments like this but it just seems to be my life!! so needless to say i cancelled my account on tagged and of course told wayne about my scary experience, so i guess the moral of this story is that naive people should not get into things that they don't know anything about because then they get themselves into trouble. of course i think this is mostly just me because i am always slipping up and saying things that could be weird but the fact is that i really am just clueless in rocky mount!!

Monday, July 7, 2008


So my birthday was today (july 7th) and it was one of my best birthdays ever!!
We spent the day at emerald pointe, waterpark. It was Me, of course, Wayne, Landen, Carson, Ben, Beth, Sofia, and Isabelle! We had a great time! or at least i did. Ben and Beth got lost on the way and so they were a little late, so wayne and i just played with the kids in the kiddie section until they came.

Sofia totally surprised me and showed up at the park after she told me that she was not going to be able to make it. I didn't even see her sneak up on me. Someone behind me was like happy birthday, and i didn't even recognize her voice. Being the dummy that i am, i just started looking around to see who else was having a birthday! (which happy birthday to those that share a birthday with me) She was standing right behind me and i about had a cow!! I was so excited and glad that she could come. Although after spending the day at the waterpark we have sadly decided that we have seriously aged since we first met when we were 18. I only rode a couple of rides but they were fun. I mostly spent my time playing with the kids, but i am super thankful for everyone pitching in and helping with them so that i could ride the rides. but the funniest thing was when i got in the lazy river and i held carson in the float with me, and he kept closing his eyes to keep the sun out of his face and then he ended up falling asleep!! I took him on so many rides, little ones of course, but still. i went down some little slides with him, and i even put him in the intertube with me and went down one of the bigger rides that wayne took landen on. It was funny, everyone was looking at me like "what kinda mother are you putting a baby on this ride", but whatever, i had fun and carson laughed, so he must have liked it too!!

Wayne went to go ride some rides and one of the slides slammed him up against the wall of the slide and he came back injured with either a bruised rib or a fractured one, not sure yet which it is! So we packed it up and headed out, which was okay because it was about time to go anyways. The boys were so worn out from playing all day that they crashed when we started driving back home. Definitely a sign that they had a good time!!

Also you should check out my latest post on hollomankids.blogspot.com i think that it is a really cute one of a kids, it makes me laugh! It is titled the couch potato and his sidekick the couch tater-tot, let me know what you think!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Bachelorette

Okay so i am sure everyone is wondering what kind of loser watches this show? ME!! I love it, can't help it! So i only stumbled on to it because landen loves the letter game (aka wheel of fortune) cause otherwise i don't really watch tv, and after that episode i was hooked. now moment of truth i really thought that jeremy was hot and so that is why i watched it. but i have to say after having seen the past couple of shows i am glad that he is gone. he is really hot, but seriously creepy! did anyone else think that he was way too needy!! and i he was missing the most important quality, a sense of humor, did the cat laugh at all...no fun!! sorry buddy good looks will only get you so far! going along with this sense of humor i think that deanna is probably going to pick jesse for that reason, and i am not saying this because I like jesse, because i would totally pick jason, and really for one reason...his nose...oh i mean kid! although he nose is really hard to miss, he is still cute, i am just saying. as if i am one to talk about anyone's nose, i could be kinned to the "real boy" pinocchio himself! anyways, I love jason, i think he is totally sweet and that kid is so cute, but i don't think that she will pick him because he is not as funny as jesse, and jesse is also more competitive in sports and such. now i will admit i do like jesse a lot more than i did when the show first started, his "dude" jargon was "ridiculous". those words can only be said so many times before becoming annoying. well i have definitely talked about this way too much, so good nite!!

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