Sunday, February 28, 2010

One Lucky Girl

One day, years (and years) from now one lucky girl will get to marry this boy. I am sure that is what all moms think but this one really is extra special! I have been pretty sick the past couple of days, some bug is going around here, wayne's mom and dad have had it too. so today i was getting to know our toilet up close and personal and carson came in and sat on the floor next to me and said "mommy you sick?" I nodded my head "yeah" then he laid his head on my lap and said "i make you feel better"! It was really sweet. Then he got up and sang popcorn popping to make me feel even more better! This is one of the sweetest little boys I have ever met, so I guess his future wife is going to have a hard time taking him from me. it's days like these i wish they could stay small forever. :(

Thursday, February 25, 2010

I'm Back...for now

So I am not the most consistent person, it is a yellow personality trait to start lots of new things but never stick with any of them. And honestly i don't have much of a life anyways so i didn't have anything to blog about. Until now, i have two things to tell about. First...
Landen Turned 5!!! We had his birthday party at the putt putt place since he has been talking about it since june. However it was a saturday nite and it was packed, and it ended up being even more packed than i thought it was going to be! Landen really enjoyed it, but it was too much chaos for me, when we first got there it was so packed we literally couldn't get to the party room, the workers had to come and ask people to clear the walk way. and since there were so many people it was hard to find my people to tell them when i wanted to eat and do cake and stuff. so it was just crazy. it also didn't help that within the first couple of minutes of me being there i accidentally bumped into someone and she got mad and said she was going to smack me. so i lost my temper and told her to try it, and i meant it. but she didn't do anything else so i went outside and got my stuff. and tried to cool down and came back in and told her that i was sorry that i bumped into her but that it was an accident but that i didn't appreciate her saying she was going to smack me. then she was like you could have said excuse me. and i was like ma'am i did, and then walked away, while she kept yapping and cussing me out (ps i didn't hear her or there would have been a fight!jk.) But anyways, i am so proud of my little boy, he is growing up so fast and i love him so much! This picture is really funny though, the sun was bright and he can't really see!

I went to see the black eyed peas in concert!!!! It was by far the best concert I have ever been too!!! (and cindy, it was inside so i didn't get rained on or stuck in the mud!) my pictures are terrible because I only have my phone camera, so sorry. The stage was really amazing though, and they did more than sing, they really put on a show which really drew in the crowd. and we only had to pay $20 a piece. otherwise the cheapest tickets were $50 each!

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