Wednesday, August 27, 2008

HELP! new template

can anyone see anything other than the pink page? I can't seem to get the actual template to fit into my screen. I was wondering if it was just that my computer screen is small or if no one else could see anything else either. there are suppose to be flowers and some pink and green polka dots on both sides. I have no idea how to change the html so that it will show in my screen, if anyone knows how to fix this please let me know. Is there a way of shrinking the template so that it will show on my screen, i really like this one, but what fun is it if you can't see it!!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Stephenie Meyer's biggest fan!!!!

ha ha ha, okay so there was a girl in my high school that always wore the same mariah carey fan club button, one of those big ones, to school every day! And i am so wishing i had one for stephenie meyer!! ha ha, okay just kidding, i am not that obsessed, although wayne would argue other wise. I just finished the host and i loved it!! i have already read all of the twilight books and am now just waiting for the movie, and for all of the other fans out there, the movie is now coming out on nov 21 instead of dec 12, hooray, i don't know how they expect us to wait so long anyways! Okay so i thought that uploading her picture would make this blog kinda funny, but really i think that it just makes it kind of creepy, which of course to me then makes it hilarious!!
so anyways, i loved the host and i can't wait for her to write some more books, because now i have nothing to read! So if there are any suggestions of great books, not just okay books, but fabulous you have to read this kind of books, i would love to know!

Friday, August 22, 2008

READ THIS: Causing a scene!!!

So wayne knows a guy at the pizza inn, of course, and back when they were having the veterans tournament this past april he donated a lot of coupons for free buffets, which was really nice. wayne has known this guy for a long time now and they are pretty good friends, close enough that if he is there when wayne goes there to eat he usually doesn't charge him. i don't think i have ever officially met him but i have seen him when i eat there with wayne.
So wayne gets a call yesterday from this guy and he tells wayne that he really needs to talk to him. So wayne goes down there and the guy is starting his lunch rush so he pulls wayne aside and is like did you know that youR wife was here a couple of days ago and she tried to use about 10 of those coupons to pay for her and all her friends, but they were expired and when the cashier tried to tell her that they were unable to accept them because they were expired she threw a huge fit and caused a scene right here in front of everyone! Wayne was like what!? he didn't know what to say, and of course told the guy that he must have been mistaken. And the guy got even more upset and told wayne he was not mistaken and that he knew it was me and that that was what happened. So wayne calls me and asked if i had been at the pizza inn lately, which i had not been there for about two months, and the last time i was there was with wayne and the boys!! So wayne calls and tells me what is going on and i am absolutely floored!! number one i would probably be too embaressed to even use a coupon and if they had told me it was expired i know i would have blushed and then immediately started apologizing and given them their money right away and then probably slipped them some extra to not tell anyone that i had even tried!! So after i talked to wayne and assured him it was not me, he went back to tell the guy that he had just spoken to me and that it was definitely not me. That upset the man even more who then told wayne that he was not going to argue with them, he had made up his mind and the conversation was over. So wayne left, not knowing what else to do at the time, but then called the man back and left him a message saying that this was all a big misunderstanding and that they needed to resolve it. So the guy called wayne back and told him that he would be in the store all day and that he could come back and talk with him but that he was absolutely not to bring me with him!!!!
So i have been banned from the pizza inn, and i didn't even do anything!!! how funny is this, so wayne and i tried to figure out who it could have been, and what could be going on. here are some of our theories, let me know what you think, or if you have any of your own theories, i would love to hear them...
1) That i have an evil twin here in Rocky Mount!!
2) That it was wendy, wayne's cousin, because sometimes they come with us to lunch with the girls (which i don't think she would throw a fit either but i don't know of anyone else that could have been mistaken for his wife because his mom and aunt joan are probably out of his age range)
3) That Herb, the guy that owns the TV station that wayne is on, is starting his on version of punked and wayne is their first target!! (i hope so, i would watch that show!!)
4) that the guy is really just mad that wayne comes in there and mooches free buffets off of him all of the time so he needed to come up with a reason to be mad at wayne
TAke a vote or give me your own theory!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

a chicken little day!

So i woke up monday morning and i went to open the blinds so we could get some beautiful wholesome sunshine in the house and as i opened them tree branches were staring back at me. I was like ahh the sky is falling, then realized not the whole sky just the tree! note, this is not the first time this tree has broken and fallen on the house, the first time it was about the fourth and this time another third or fourth of it. And all i can say is that praying for our house to be kept safe at night is the only explanation for how it has not done any damage. I thought everyone might be interested to see the big tree on my little house...

As a side note, i was pulling out some of landen's old 18 month size clothes for carson and found this outfit, and i was so excited, this was always one of my favorites so i am so excited that carson is in it, ofcourse he is growing so fast that i don't know for how long but for the time being, i am excited!!!

Monday, August 11, 2008


So this weekend the boys and I drove down to South Carolina for my niece's first birthday! It was a lot of fun, and the party was really cute, i was thinking that my sister-in-law, cindy, and i should go into business throwing parties, would life get anymore fun than that?! Cindy did a beach theme that started off with cute fishy invitations that she made, and then they made cupcakes with blue icing and sprinkles top off with a candy fish...

They also had a cake pictured above with Noel, that my brother, Isaac, made. It was really cool he used blue icing and did a good job of making the water look wavy. Then he added an island and a pirate on a raft, then added the candles to say happy birthday noel. He has always been very artistic! They also served little hamburgers, home fries, and punch which were all very good, but my personal favorite was the cute cups and plates that they had to use...

It was fun playing outside they had a slip-n-slide and a little pool, then isaac bought some water balloons too. Cindy's dad filled up some big water balloons and then when isaac went inside for something i passed them out for when he came back out, of course he figured out what we were doing and he ran passed us so fast that he only got hit by one of the balloons, so cindy took a bucket and threw water on him so he picked her up and jumped in the baby pool where he slipped and they both ended up soaked!! It was pretty funny!!!

I think the punch that they served was spiked!!!

"HMMM...This is good!!"

"um...i think i've had enough"

All and all it was a great party, props to cindy!! Also a shout out of a happy birthday to noel, we love you very much!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Beach Bums!!

Family Time at the Beach!!
So it took me forever to put this up because the computer wouldn't upload the pictures, but last week we took a family vacation down at indian beach, nc. Wayne's parents own a condo at summerwinds and so the boys and i rode down with them, monday and then wayne's dad went back on wednesday so wayne could come down until friday. we had a ton of fun, the boys loved the ocean and carson especially enjoyed the sand (or at least the taste of it! he was shoving more in his mouth everytime i turned around!)

We played a lot in the ocean, Landen loved to jump the waves! The current was pretty strong and one time it pulled him right out of my hands, that was scary but we didn't go out far so it was easy for my to grab him. Carson liked the waves to, he was sit and let the waves barely splash up against him, so i thought oh lets move him closer to the water he's barely getting wet, and then as soon as i did a wave came and pushed him back up to the shore and then dragged him back out toward the ocean so i had to grab him real quick and decided that was not a good idea!

A Bunch of Crabs!!

We went to the aquarium, one of landen's favorite places, on tuesday and on friday. We saw the sharks, landen's fav, and touch the sting rays! there is really a lot to see, and they had even more things then they did last summer. we try to go as many times as possible while we are there because we have a family membership and so of course wayne wants us to get our money's worth! So at the end of the tour they have this crab so you can take your picture so i made everyone take a turn, but i forgot to get one of wayne when we went back friday.

Other Events!!

We hung out a lot at the condo especially in the afternoon because the boys had to take a nap. We also watched the dukes of "howard"(hazzard) as landen calls it. when wayne came we took the boys to play putt putt and ride the go carts. Marsha and i went shopping with carson and the cart had a little car attached to it so i let carson sit in there a play which only lasting a couple of minutes and the cart of huge and hard to push around so i am not sure that it was worth it!


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