Saturday, November 1, 2008

Yes, another book

So i just finished reading the book the hunger games, and i really enjoyed it. I didn't like it AS much as twilight, but i don't know that there will be another set of books like those. however this book just recently came out and no one told me that it was only book one!! the book is pretty suspenseful so i am having a hard time with not being able to continue on with the story!! however i would love to know if anyone else has read it, and hope others will read it so that i can analyze the book with them, so let me know if and when you read it!! by the way it is another young adult sci-fi book, oh my i am becoming a sci0fi nerd which is funny because i used to be so anti!! oh well i have not started watching the sci-fi channel yet so i guess i am still okay!


wifie said...

I'm on it. I am a closet sci-fi nerd. I have all 7 seasons in my netflix queue of star trek next generation. I'll get this read soon and I am totally down for analyzing it with you!

Cindy said...

I was anti too, but it's cool now, right?

Rachel said...

i think stephenie meyers made it cool!!!

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