Wednesday, November 19, 2008

At least i could win the loser award!

So yesterday i went to raleigh and spent the day with sofia before we went to the twilight sneak peek! Her grandmother taught me how to make tortilla soup! my favorite! and then we headed to the movie theater, there was not a line when we got there so we went to one of the near by stores and then went back to check in. It snowed some flurries a couple of times and so we decided to go ahead a line up so that we would be some of the first ones and get to line up inside. So it was about 2:30 and we were the first people in line. but it ended up okay that we were there that early because we just sat around and read and talked. Okay so they were going to have a contest for the best dressed vampire or whatever and i thought for sure that there were going to be a bunch of teenagers and they would be all dressed up, but i really wanted the cd of the soundtrack that they were going to give away and so i decided i would dress up at least a little. so i put on pale makeup, bright red lipstick, and glitter. Then i wore my sun glasses and vampire teeth, still i thought for sure there would be people decked out more than that, and i was wearing the tshirt i made. um, no, i was wrong. i ended up being the only person that really dressed up, everyone else decided that they were just going to wear tshirts!! oh my! i looked ridiculous! sofia at least put her teeth and sunglasses on long enough to take a picture, so here we are waiting in line...

So then about 5:30 or so they started passing out free stuff, we got posters, a bracelet, and cards with the characters on them. But i was still holding out for the cd, knowing i was going to win because i was the only person in costume!! we had a great time talking to the other people in line, i love meeting new peeps to discuss twilight with! and then at about 6:30 they started letting us in to get our seats, and i was the first in line to go!! hooray for waiting for four hours! so then at about 7:15 they did the costume contest and had everyone that dressed up come to the front, so mostly me and everyone with tshirts came up. then i thought they were going to have a judge pick but no...they did it by pointing the person out and having the audience cheer. (terrible idea if you ask me). Sofia and i were both terrified that they were going to ask our age, i seriously considered removing my wedding rings and going with 17!! But they didn't...anyways, so i knew when they decided to do the clapping from the audience i didn't stand a chance, there was a little girl, and who wouldn't cheer for a kid!! and then there was a guy with long hair, not attractive but the long hair made it obvious that he was comparable to Jacob. So the Jacob look a like got the grand prize (because all the girls were screaming for him) of a shirt, apples, and MY cd :( then the little girl took second, and i came in third and got a shirt, hooray). So the movie started at 7:30, and i don't want to say a lot about it because i know everyone hasn't seen it, but call me when you do and i will be more than willing to tell you what i thought.


Sofia Lung said...

his name is Henry Cavill i found her dream list online. you really need to learn how to use google. haha have you checked to see if your pics ended up on 101.5?

Cindy said...

It sounds like you guys had a lot of fun.
Stinks you didn't win the cd.
You are getting so tiny, you are such a hottie!

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