Wednesday, August 13, 2008

a chicken little day!

So i woke up monday morning and i went to open the blinds so we could get some beautiful wholesome sunshine in the house and as i opened them tree branches were staring back at me. I was like ahh the sky is falling, then realized not the whole sky just the tree! note, this is not the first time this tree has broken and fallen on the house, the first time it was about the fourth and this time another third or fourth of it. And all i can say is that praying for our house to be kept safe at night is the only explanation for how it has not done any damage. I thought everyone might be interested to see the big tree on my little house...

As a side note, i was pulling out some of landen's old 18 month size clothes for carson and found this outfit, and i was so excited, this was always one of my favorites so i am so excited that carson is in it, ofcourse he is growing so fast that i don't know for how long but for the time being, i am excited!!!


Dan and Amanda said...

Two things... That is a really cute outfit and he is growing so fast. YAY!

Sofia Lung said...

I love the outfit it really brings out his eyes. I can't believe your tree how random is that.

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