Monday, August 4, 2008

Beach Bums!!

Family Time at the Beach!!
So it took me forever to put this up because the computer wouldn't upload the pictures, but last week we took a family vacation down at indian beach, nc. Wayne's parents own a condo at summerwinds and so the boys and i rode down with them, monday and then wayne's dad went back on wednesday so wayne could come down until friday. we had a ton of fun, the boys loved the ocean and carson especially enjoyed the sand (or at least the taste of it! he was shoving more in his mouth everytime i turned around!)

We played a lot in the ocean, Landen loved to jump the waves! The current was pretty strong and one time it pulled him right out of my hands, that was scary but we didn't go out far so it was easy for my to grab him. Carson liked the waves to, he was sit and let the waves barely splash up against him, so i thought oh lets move him closer to the water he's barely getting wet, and then as soon as i did a wave came and pushed him back up to the shore and then dragged him back out toward the ocean so i had to grab him real quick and decided that was not a good idea!

A Bunch of Crabs!!

We went to the aquarium, one of landen's favorite places, on tuesday and on friday. We saw the sharks, landen's fav, and touch the sting rays! there is really a lot to see, and they had even more things then they did last summer. we try to go as many times as possible while we are there because we have a family membership and so of course wayne wants us to get our money's worth! So at the end of the tour they have this crab so you can take your picture so i made everyone take a turn, but i forgot to get one of wayne when we went back friday.

Other Events!!

We hung out a lot at the condo especially in the afternoon because the boys had to take a nap. We also watched the dukes of "howard"(hazzard) as landen calls it. when wayne came we took the boys to play putt putt and ride the go carts. Marsha and i went shopping with carson and the cart had a little car attached to it so i let carson sit in there a play which only lasting a couple of minutes and the cart of huge and hard to push around so i am not sure that it was worth it!



Dan and Amanda said...

Yay! an update. I LOVE the crab pictures. They are really cute. You guys have the cutest family. Oh, and I am still waiting for you to call me back! :)


Mike and Dejah Morris said...

How fun! I remember when we were there with you. Worst sunburn ever, but the best vacation. Also reminds me of how great your father-in-law is. Thanks for the comment about me and Bre. I would love to look like her!

Cindy said...

it looks like you guys had a lot of fun, and I am sure it was great to have quality as a family.
Thanks for coming to Noel's party, it would have been so boring with out ya'll.:) I am alrady way in the book.hehe

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