Friday, October 16, 2009

Fender Bender

So I was in my first car accident on Wed. I had taken Carson to the doctor and then put in his prescription. Since I had to pick it up in an hour I decided to pick up some hot coco and donuts and take them to the golf course to visit with wayne for a bit. Then as we were heading to get the medicine I had to stop just passed the pizza inn for someone to turn left. BAM! I never even saw it coming! So I pulled off to the side of the road and checked on the kids. They weren't hurt but Landen was a little scared. The guy was nice and came and checked on us and we decided to pull out of the way. So as I was turning around to park in a parking lot I saw a police officer and flagged him down. I got out and saw that it had cracked (yes, that weird?!) the bumper. It must have been a cheap one. The sad thing is the exact same thing happened to Wayne a couple of months ago. I know the guy that is going to fix it is going to think we are crazy drivers! I wasn't hurt but my body is a little stiff. The boys have not complained about anything so I think we are good. I am grateful, car accidents can be really bad, so I got lucky. I know the Lord answered my daily prayers for our safety and protection.


mommyof5 said...

Bumpers truly are a joke. Glad you all were ok and that it wasn't your fault!

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