Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Perfect Days!!!

Don't you love when you have several great days all in a row! The past couple of days have been like that for me. don't get me wrong there has still been the occasional tantrum and defiance, but overall there have been great moments. so here are some pictures with a few recaps of the days.

On Friday the city hosted a day of fun so we got to jump in those big blow-up things and ride a train and other little rides, and play in the water. then we rode down to raleigh to meet up with Amanda and her sweet new baby Julia (I love this picture by the way! Super cute family!)

After visiting with the Mc Ewen's we rushed back to RM and ate a ton of mexican food to celebrate cinco de mayo! Wow the food was wonderful and i even had horchata!!

The next day was mother's day which was a ton of fun! I received a mother-child necklace and a bookmark from my boys and we are having family portraits done next week as the other part of my gift. We also had church (I taught RS), and we ate dinner at wayne's cousins house.

Monday I spent the day going to the library, getting stuff for carson's birthday, and cleaning so...

WE COULD GO TO RALEIGH!!!! Wayne (the king of things that are free) got us a 2 nite stay at the Residence Inn. He did have some stuff he had to do down here with a tourist something or other, but all the same, it was a free vacation for me!!!! We came down late monday nite after i got all of my stuff done and then tuesday we ate our free BUFFET breakfast, and then i visited with my friend jen who works at a lake and the kids loved it (definitely a place i would recommend for family outings...lake crabtree!!!). then we had a picnic at the temple (i cannot leave out the fact that i ate a sandwich from schlotzsky's deli!!!), and we went to the temple bookstore! Later we are going to the mall (so i can actually shop!) and landen and wayne are going to the hockey game while i enjoy some quiet time and American idol! Yup, life is great!


Cindy said...

It sounds fun. Can't wait to hear about Caron's birthday.
The pictures at the water park are good. If you want a more blurry background than that, just remember to get closer to your subject.

Dan and Amanda said...

You are such a wonderful example of a Mother.... even though I only see you a handful of times each year you are one of my best friends. Thanks for everything you do!I love you!

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