Friday, May 8, 2009


So I planted my first garden ever about a week and a half ago and i am so excited to say that there is already some growth!!!! The bush beans are growing like crazy! other than that there are only a few sprigs of what i can only hope is marigolds and broccoli. There have not been any signs of carrots, basil, or leaf lettuce as of yet. the green peppers are the largest but they don't count because i used a plant that was already started instead of a seed. So I decided to do the square foot garden which means that i built a box (okay so my father-in-law built it) and filled it full of my own soil mix (so really my father-in-law just dumped compost in there). So really nothing went as planned with my box because i was also going to paint it and put up super cute signs and cute little gadgets! but none of that happened. my box is made of ugly scrap wood, my garden decor doesn't look that great, and the dirt is already in there so i didn't get to paint it. but the good news is...the stuff is growing, cute or not cute there is definitely some growth going on!!!
**Funny garden story- Wayne was helping Landen with his prayers the other nite, and before they started i asked them to pray for my garden. and it went a little something like this...

Wayne- bless the garden
Landen- bless the garden
Wayne- help it be able to grow
Landen- bless the garden...but it is alreadying growing, i think. Except for the lettuce, it's not doing ANYTHING!!

Okay so that is probably one of those "had to be there" stories because his voice inflections made it even more funny!!! but it is still my favorite garden far!


Cindy said...

congrads on accomplishing your goal of planting the garden, that's a huge step. We are so much a like though. I was just thinking yesterday that when I get something done, I'm not completely pleased, because I think of something else I'd like to do (like painting the box, and making the garden look pretty)

mommyof5 said...

My beans are finally sprouting too! My lettuce has been the only thing for like 2 weeks so we are very excited also! I am so glad I do this for fun and don't depend on it for our livelihood or our main food source, that would make this soooo stressful.

Megan said...

That is so cute! Way to go, Rach!

Tisha said...

i can totally hear landen saying that prayer! LOL! adorable :)

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