Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Fun!!!

Easter was a ton of fun! We usually do easter at my house and so I painted and did some serious spring cleaning this year, and then we had it at the golf course!! ha! oh well, it was still really fun! Isaac, Cindy, Noel, and Bella(the dog) came up on Friday and we just hung out and had dinner and then they went to their hotel. Saturday we played, went to the store, got lunch, went to an easter egg hunt, and made breakfast for dinner. Beth met us over at the church of narzarene for the easter egg hunt, and helped out with the kids. The easter egg hunt was crazy!!!! There were so many people there we had to stand in line to register, and then they gave the kids wrist bands to put them with their age group and did the different groups at different times. So we were trying to find the orange group for Landen and right when we found it they started so we had to push landen through the line of adults watching and he was way behind everyone else and ended up getting NO eggs!!! There were a lot of older kids in his group, and i think they grabbed everything, it was ridiculous, and of course landen started crying because he didn't get anything, so they were getting ready to start the next group which was the younger group under landen, and i was like i am just going to put landen in here. So he did that hunt and got a ton of eggs, and i thought he probably got too many so we went around and landen gave some of his eggs to kids that didn't get any or many, i was really proud of what a good job he did of sharing. Then I got yelled at for having him in there, but i didn't feel bad because i felt like i did the right thing by having him share. Then i saw my friend Jennifer and she was furious because there were people taking eggs out of her son's basket!!! i would have been upset too. So then i took carson to the baby group and he got four eggs, which was good, but i couldn't believe how many mom's were rushing to grab the eggs for the babies. It was crazy and i probably won't do it again next year, but at least i tried.
Sunday we went to church and had an interesting day, there was some debate about the service project we were doing, and then some interesting stories shared when i was teaching Relief Society!!! oh my! After church we ate a hot dog to hold us over until we ate a delicious Easter Meal at the golf course at 2. Then we had our own easter egg hunt which was a lot of fun and all the kids got plenty of eggs and candy...probably too much!!!! Then we all hung out until everyone had to leave to travel back home. I was so glad that everyone was able to come down, it made this year extra special!!! One of my Favorite things was that my niece noel was not afraid of me, as a matter of fact she was very loving and would come sit with me and give me hugs!!! I seriously wanted to cry!!! I love her so much, and i would love to have a little girl of my own! But if not I still have this sweet little girl who loves me as my niece, i only hope her little sister will love me too!! It was also fun to have them bring their dog, landen and carson love animals and they had a blast getting to play with bella, landen was so upset when she had to go he refused to say good-bye to anyone, how sad. I was glad beth came; it is always good to see her and get to know her better and she was so sweet and helpful with the kids, especially at the easter egg hunt, i probably would have lost one of my kids without her! Isaac and Cindy have always been great, if only i could talk them into moving to rocky mount!!! My family is so special to me, and it is always great when we get together.


Cindy said...

I'm glad that you enjoyed Noel. We enjoyed being with you guys a lot. Thanks for having us, and everything that you did for us.

Sofia Lung said...

so does this mean your going to try for a girl? :P and can I post on my blog about the Oh My story PLEASE!!

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