Thursday, January 15, 2009


So I have received my very first blogging award! And here she is baby!!! Isn't she a beauty! I could not be more proud!!!! ha ha, wow!!

Actually I am honored to receive this award from my blogging idol megan! and what great timing since i have just started back watching my show...American Idol!! First of all I would like to thank everyone that made this possible for me to receive such an honor, for those who have starred in my pictures/stories, you make this blog what it is!!!
My 5 fabulous addictions
1. Family
2. Church
3. Hanging with friends (especially playing catch phrase!)
4. Music (i love it all)
5. Books (namely twilight and the hunger games)
Now the moment you have all been waiting for, I hereby pass along this award to these very special receipents:
now that you have been given this award, here is what you need to do...
1. Pass it on to 5 other fabulous blogs in a post.
2. List 5 of your fabulous addictions in the post.
3. Copy and paste the rules and the instructions below in the post.
Rules and Instructions:
Upon receipt of this award, make sure you include the person that gave you the award and link it back to them. When you post your five winners, make sure you link them as well. To add the award to your post, simply right-click, save image, then "add image" it in your post as a picture so your winners can save it as well. To add it to your sidebar, add the "picture" gadget. Also, don't forget to let your winners know they won an award from you by emailing them or leaving a comment on their blog. So there you go!

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