Monday, July 7, 2008


So my birthday was today (july 7th) and it was one of my best birthdays ever!!
We spent the day at emerald pointe, waterpark. It was Me, of course, Wayne, Landen, Carson, Ben, Beth, Sofia, and Isabelle! We had a great time! or at least i did. Ben and Beth got lost on the way and so they were a little late, so wayne and i just played with the kids in the kiddie section until they came.

Sofia totally surprised me and showed up at the park after she told me that she was not going to be able to make it. I didn't even see her sneak up on me. Someone behind me was like happy birthday, and i didn't even recognize her voice. Being the dummy that i am, i just started looking around to see who else was having a birthday! (which happy birthday to those that share a birthday with me) She was standing right behind me and i about had a cow!! I was so excited and glad that she could come. Although after spending the day at the waterpark we have sadly decided that we have seriously aged since we first met when we were 18. I only rode a couple of rides but they were fun. I mostly spent my time playing with the kids, but i am super thankful for everyone pitching in and helping with them so that i could ride the rides. but the funniest thing was when i got in the lazy river and i held carson in the float with me, and he kept closing his eyes to keep the sun out of his face and then he ended up falling asleep!! I took him on so many rides, little ones of course, but still. i went down some little slides with him, and i even put him in the intertube with me and went down one of the bigger rides that wayne took landen on. It was funny, everyone was looking at me like "what kinda mother are you putting a baby on this ride", but whatever, i had fun and carson laughed, so he must have liked it too!!

Wayne went to go ride some rides and one of the slides slammed him up against the wall of the slide and he came back injured with either a bruised rib or a fractured one, not sure yet which it is! So we packed it up and headed out, which was okay because it was about time to go anyways. The boys were so worn out from playing all day that they crashed when we started driving back home. Definitely a sign that they had a good time!!

Also you should check out my latest post on i think that it is a really cute one of a kids, it makes me laugh! It is titled the couch potato and his sidekick the couch tater-tot, let me know what you think!


mommyof5 said...

Looks like you all had fun. I wish we would have gone to it while we were there. We have been playing with the idea of moving to Virgina.So maybe next b-day I could surprise you!Talk to you soon

Alice said...

I forgot that you and Cletus share the same birthday! Happy Birthday! Sounds like fun. We still need to come and hang out with you guys at the pool. Do you ever go over to Denton Street pool?

Megan said...

Happy belated birthday, Rachel!

Layne & Kelly Nelson said...

HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY! I've been totally out of it since we went on vacation. Looks like you had a great time though!

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