Friday, July 11, 2008

Found My Place!!

Okay so i took a quiz on and it was fun if nothing else. You take a quiz and then it picks out the best places for you to live, it goes into quite a bit of detail though, i am sure that my places would have been different 5 years ago. I was a little disappointed in some of the places that it picked for me but for the most part i was kind of excited. I did however hope that my number one place would be san antonio, tx, but is wasn't, it was norfolk, va!! I almost died! As fast as i hurried to get out of VA the stupid test put me right back in there, so Andrea come on because looks like i'll be there too!! well norfolk is a different place from anywhere i was in VA so i guess i could give it a try (as if i am going anywhere, i guess it is just fun to dream). I think one of the reasons that this is my top appointed place is because of the school system, and that is important to me. so here are the pics of my new pretend home and then the list of all the rest of the places given.

Norfolk VA
Nashville, TN (I am just not that country!)
Oklahoma city, OK (no plans of becoming a cowgirl. but i love the musical)
Knoxville, TN ? not sure
Little Rock AR ? not sure
Indianapolis, IN (I think i would like this one)
Baltimore, MD (Nice place, but maybe to cozy)
Providence, RI ? not sure
Carlisle, PA ? not sure
Cincinnati, OH maybe
Portland, OR Andrea, i am going to follow you around apparently
Charlotte, NC Amanda wait for me!!!
St. Louis, MO could be fun
Cleveland, OH ? not sure
Seattle, WA (I would love this if i weren't afraid of having poofy hair all year long due to rain)
Toledo, OH ? not sure
Albuquerque, NM ? not sure
Philadelphia, PA probably not
Long Island, NY maybe
Hartford, CT ? not sure
Chesapeake-VA Beach, VA maybe
Washington DC I have always love washington
Lexington, KY ? not sure

So the truth is that i don't know a lot about most of these places, hence the ?not sures. and the other fact of the matter is that i am not really willing to be far away from family not matter how much smack i talk, so if i had to pick my top five they would probably be, and these are not in order, washington dc, norfolk, charlotte, va beach, and seattle (just had to throw that in there). These may not be my dream places, but if it were even a possiblity, they would just be the most probable. Go and take the quiz i would love to see where everyone else would end up, of course then i will only cry because we won't be in the same place and then i will probably also be jealous that you have a cooler place than me, but i am just like that!


cat said...

Seattle is rainy but not that humid, so the hair wouldn't be a total disaster. I love Seattle and Portland for that matter and would move out there yesterday!

mommyof5 said...

I bet your hair would be great out here. come to Vancouver, WA and you can be 15min to P-town and 3hr to Seattle, trust me you don't want to actually live in either but close by is great. So I know you actually never leaving NC but when are you at least going to visit? Next month is looking good for me!

Dan and Amanda said...

Move to Charlotte... I'm totally okay with that.

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