Thursday, July 10, 2008

Clueless in Rocky Mount, NC

na·ive or na·ïve
(nī-ēv', nä-) adj.

1. having or showing a lack of experience, judgment, or information

2. Showing or characterized by a lack of sophistication and critical judgment


1. green

2. gullible

3. innocent

4. simple

5. unschooled

okay so i don't have any pictures of me by myself so i am not saying that sofia is any of these things, but i have decided to send this off to webster and have him insert me into the dictionary beside the word naive!!
I am seriously clueless!!! so i had a friend that has an account on tagged, a single friend just to note. and so i thought i would just go ahead and make an account so that i could keep up with her. well then i started getting a whole bunch of emails, and at first it was no big deal because all they said were someone said yes to being your friend, or someone has added you as a friend. and so i was like okay, and then i deleted them because i was only trying to have an easier way of communicating with the friend on there that i knew, not making any new ones. well then i started to get emails from people here in rocky mount, and this time they came with pictures and messages, oh my. well they were from guys and i started to get creeped out. they had messages containing things such as sexy pic, and beautiful. oh my but my absolute favorite was the one that said hy princess. no that is not a typo. really it said hy, H-Y!!!!! wow that is crazy, maybe that is just the new cool way of spelling hi! and so i would think that it was a typo on his end except for the fact that he was foreign, so i just don't know. but i was like oh crap only something like this would happen to me, and the worst part was that i even had a big girl with small clothes email me, and that was gross and scary!!!!! so i don't know how i keep getting myself into predictiments like this but it just seems to be my life!! so needless to say i cancelled my account on tagged and of course told wayne about my scary experience, so i guess the moral of this story is that naive people should not get into things that they don't know anything about because then they get themselves into trouble. of course i think this is mostly just me because i am always slipping up and saying things that could be weird but the fact is that i really am just clueless in rocky mount!!


Cindy said...

that's funny. Wayne better watch out.haha

Sofia Lung said...

LOL!!! That would only happen to you remember when we would always add ness to the end of everything we said and what you said when you had to go to the bathroom. I love it though because who knows how many times we've laughed because you were being clueless and of course I was the one that would notice it haha

Megan said...

You're not clueless, just good and kind and innocent. I love you for that!

mommyof5 said...

That is almost as funny as the time you were made famous on another website! I think handcuffs were involved. I know you are completely red now so I'll stop but thank you for always making me laugh!

Layne & Kelly Nelson said...

Priceless. I don't know how those things always happen to you! It sure makes for good stories though! Layne and I still laugh over security guards gone wild! Thanks for the laugh.

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