Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Musical Crushes!

Okay so wayne has been obsessed with Taylor Swift for like forever! However, if we are being honest he really only likes her because of her undeniable good looks, because anyone that heard her at the CMT awards knows that in reality she cannot sing (bless her heart!). However, I too have musical crushes, but unlike my husband mine are not based on appearances (seriously, you will see what i mean). Nonetheless, I have always loved music and for whatever reason these are guys whose voices reach out to me and even their songs are just my type i guess. There is just something in their voices that i love, and so i would like to present my top 4, which is a random number and they are in no particular order, but all the same this is who i love! P.S- It is also extremely important for me to have musical crushes because i might as well admire those that can sing, seeing as how everytime i start to sing my two year old begins to cry!

Alright ladies now it is your turn, who are your musical crushes?


Bunker Posse 24 said...

Kenny Chesney
Kenny Chesney
Kenny Chesney
Kenny Chesney

Cindy said...

I can not believe Dave is not on that list...

Creela Belle said...

David Archuleta, hands down!!!!

Rachel said...

dave is not really a single artist, he comes with a band, so he would be at the top of band crush!

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