Tuesday, March 10, 2009

White Rabbit

So if i were a disney character, this is probably who i would be. i am always in a rush doing something, it seems like there are even times that i feel rushed when i have absolutely nothing to do. don't get me wrong, i am not complaining, i love doing all of the things i do. Teaching RS is one of the best callings i have ever had, doing preschool with landen (and carson joins in too) is super fun, running the playgroup for the city of rocky mount has me wondering why i wanted to be a high school teacher when i love toddlers so much, my own toddlers keeping me cleaning all the time, and can't forget that i still have a be a wife and mom too! Breathe

But in all of my running around, I have to work hard at remembering to not miss all the small and simple things. Because all of those things melt my heart and truly make me happy! Here are some of my favorite things:

Landen's Laugh

The way Carson hugs with his entire body

Carson's gappy teeth!

The way Landen jumps up and down when he gets excited

The way Carson copies everything Landen does

The fact that Wayne is Landen's hero

the fact that Landen is Carson's hero

The way Landen says I love you

The way Carson says 'et tu!' after i tell him i love him

Landen's extreme southern accent

Carson's sweet voice when he babbles and learns new words

The way landen thinks he is sharing when he gives away carson's stuff

The way carson says high five and holds his hand back until someone gives him a high five

Landen carrying around his bobble head of a hockey player

Carson's favorite phrase 'ma mits' which translates into more milk

or in other words...

I love these kids!!!


Cindy said...

love the post. I think it's funny Landen shares Carson's toys.

American Mum said...

Hi Rachel - I heard from Vicky from Crayola you're big on blogging! I'll definitely add you to my reader. :)


Cindy said...

HAHA. I'd give Wayne 11 cows if you would come live with me! Wonder if he would take me up on that, he'd have free milk for life, but no one to milk them. I'm sure he wouldn't give you up.

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