Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Family History

Okay so I am the world's worst at doing my family history, however, my uncle started sending me pictures of my dad's side of the family and it has been a lot of fun seeing the pictures and i now feel much more motivated to do my family's work. So that will definitely have to make that one of my March goals. So here are some of the things that I have recently been sent.

My Dad as a baby, he was at least cute at one time...

My Dad in elementary school (for those of you that have met my siblings, which one of us kids do you think looks the most like our dad?)

This is a picture of my grandma (Mabel, in the back on the right) and her sisters

This is a picture of Rachel Jane Taylor, after whom I was named, so this one was a fun one to get, because I really don't know anything about her. Also I am about to have a little niece that is going to be named Taylor, and I hope she is just like me, that would make it extra special!! In the picture Rachel is the adult woman

Okay so this is the last one I am going to put up here, but seriously people, i know this is my family, but this picture scares the mess out of me!! They are all like "children of the corn", not that i know exactly what that means, but i think it is suppose to be scary, and they are. I am not trying to be mean, and i feel bad, because they were probably excited to be able to take a family portrait, but i can't help but be freaked out, do you know what i mean?! Well all i can say is i better make sure their work gets done because they are probably going to let me have it on the other side for trash talking their portrait, so hopefully they will forgive me if i seal all of them together!


Rachel said...

Dang it! the last picture is not big enough to get the full effect!

Beth said...

I think the picture of your dad is a Ben-Abe mix. Abe more around the eyes; Ben everywhere else lol. but then again i may be biased...
considering i've really only spent the most time around ben and abe. ;)

Cindy said...

I think I see Ben and Abe the most in those pictures of your Dad.
It was fun to look at pictures of you guys family.
I think one the women looks scarier than all the kids put together.

Rachel said...

Ha, i totally think it looks like abe! i don't see ben that much in that one, but that is just me, and yes that one lady is super creepy, i am going to have nightmares i think!!

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