Thursday, September 25, 2008

Elder Howard II

So last friday my little brother Abe came home from serving a mission in Vancouver Canada. I am so excited and so proud of him for this accomplishment. It was so fun to see him and see how grown up he is, both in years and wisdom!! He is such a great guy and served an honorable mission, who could ask for anything more, so ladies, read 'em and weap...introducing my little RM!!! Elder Howard the second!!

Okay so i am sure that you all expected to see him still dressed in his suit, but the sad news is that i am notorious for having my batteries die in my camera at crucial times and this one was no exception. So i have no pics of when he first got home, actually this one was taken right before i was about to head out!!! how sad!

So here are a few more pics from the time that i spent in Va, mostly i just hung out with family and played games and ate good food! It is always nice to go on a vacation and visit family!

Carson and Landen playing on the neighbors toy tractor

Beth, Ben, and Abe

Carson and Kailyn (I am not sure if that is how she spells it, so sorry Vanessa if that is wrong). These two were so cute, everytime they hung out they would hug and hold hands!!

Carson and Grandma, Carson is always bringing somebody a book to read to him, or your shoes, it is really cute!!

Ben, Landen, Abe, and Carson getting snacks before we hit the road back to the mount


Anonymous said...

Looks so fun, wish we could have been there!! Isaac & Cindy

Jaime said...

I"m so excited Abe is home! I"m also mad that I wasn't in town when all yall were there. I'm in Charleston for about 3 more weeks before I move up. So I hope yall had a great time. when are you going back up to giles, thanksgiving? christmas?

Dan and Amanda said...

So is the last picture one of your new favorites! It is so cute.

Oh, and call me b/c I had to get a new phone.

Jaime said...

thanks for your comment on my blog thing. I am sick now with a cold so that'll make for a fun last week of cramming before my practical this Friday!! I will let you know how things go. Hannah and Abe and New RIver people are going rock climbing today, remember our wall climbing thing we did at girls camp and we got to hang upside down ? How fun.

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