Monday, October 8, 2012

Girlie Feet...A Potty Story

So after having grown up with my dad and three brothers; then marrying wayne and having two sons, Ava is making up for lost time of girliness!  So lately she has been patting her diaper and saying "stinky" when she has messed it up.  So I thought it might be time to introduce the potty. However, she was scared of the toilet (we have a little seat that sits on top of the actual toilet seat).  Everytime I put her on there she would just cling to me and cry. Then one day I took out finger nail polish and she was all at attention. So I decided we would try something new.  I set her on the training seat and gave her a pedicure.  I clipped her toenails, filed them, and painted them a shimmering baby pink.  She sat perfectly still and watched me the whole time.  Then when I was done she kept pointing for me to do more. So I did her fingernails as well (but only with a clear coat).  Of course she did not potty, but at least we are making progress and she will sit for a while.  Now everytime she sits on the potty she points to the drawer with the nail polish.  She is so cute, and I love how girlie she is!  And hopefully she will continue to progress on potty training.


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