Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Introducing Baby Ava Lynn Holloman!

If I am completely being honest I was really nervous about the ultrasound this morning. I love my boys, but I really really wanted a girl this time! So when the ultrasound started I was looking like crazy, and the second she landed on the bottom, i was like is that...is she...it's a girl?! The boys and I both cheered and wayne was stunned. He was like how sure are you? and the lady was like um 99%, so she kept checking and when she printed out the pictures there were 3 different shots that said it's a girl!

I was so excited, i have only been able to think girl ever since i got pregnant. I had my name picked out Ava Lynn(my mother's name), and all my decor. I am going to use a bird theme that i thought was really cute, and it was fun because ava means bird.

Everything at the ultrasound checked out good, but they said the baby was bigger than they expected and since size is due to age right now, and not growth they changed my due date from April 23rd to April 2nd. But I know that I recorded it right, so I am not getting my hopes up. Seriously how bad would that stink to be expecting a baby around April 2nd (note my other two came early) and then ended up waiting until the 23rd!!!! So the doctors can count me as 22 weeks all they want. i am sticking with 19!! :)


Alice said...

Congrats Rachel! I didn't know that you had another little one on the way. Girls are so, so sweet. You're going to have lots of fun. And, watch out Wayne. They have their daddies wrapped around their little fingers. We're excited for you guys!

Jacob and Carla said...

SOOOOOOO excited for you! I so hoped she would be a girl! A little Rachel... how cute (please let her be a little Rachel and not a 'she-Wayne' lol)
I can't wait to meet her and hold her!

B&U&I said...

YYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY!!! Oh how excited I am for you guys. I imagine that Sis. Holloman is beside herself to finally get a granddaughter of her very own. One this is for sure, she will be a beauty! Congrats again and tell everyone "hi" for me.

Sofia L said...

She's big! Sam wasn't nearly that big when we saw him. I think he's going to be long and skinny. He looked really thin at the ultra sound.

Cindy Howard said...

(I love the name Ava Lynn!!)

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