Wednesday, August 25, 2010


So I don't really seem to blog much anymore, and I guess I just don't have very many things that seem blogworthy. But this definitely is!!!
Landen's First Day of Kindergarten!!!!!!!
He just picked out his backpack and lunch box yesterday because he really wanted a carolina hurricanes (hockey team) backpack and lunch box but I couldn't find any.

All dressed up and ready to go!

No I didn't cry...I'm just not a morning person, yikes!

This was definitely a family affair, we all took Landen in for his first day.

Landen doesn't look all that excited here, and so I asked him why he wouldn't smile so I could get a good picture, and he said because he was ready for all the parents to leave so his class could get, so I was like 'BYE'!

Finally able to get to work!

Carson couldn't stay for school with Landen, this is what he thought about that!

I am so proud of Landen, he is such a smart boy and I know he is going to excel! Most of all I am glad that he loves to learn, it made it much easier leaving him today. My little boy is all grown up (or at least is getting there faster than I would like.)


Cindy said...

I guess I am just a baby, because I want to I can't believe he is in school, time really is flying! He's such a smart kid, I know he will do well too.

Sofia L said...

So how is Carson doing at home all alone with mom? I bet you two are going to have tons of fun! I can't believe how big Landen is and he is such a cutie.

Anonymous said...

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